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- Value-Added Innovation from from ISW partners


Value-Add Software

ISW is always on the look out for great products that enhance our client's technology investments. That is why we partner with like-minded businesses who produce market leading, innovative products, such as the following recommendations:



Intelligent instant apps for IBM Connections and Watson Workspace. ISW is integrating Buzzy with our Kudos Suite range of software and can recommend the team



panagenda offers a comprehensive combination of consulting, services and innovative software solutions for the analysis and optimization of IT landscapes. Experienced solutions architects, consultants, administrators and developers work from five offices and over 15 locations with clients from all industries and in all corners of the world. panagenda customers in over 70 countries run more than 10 million licenses of the panagenda solutions portfolio.



Built by the Trilog Group, ProjExec® seamlessly integrates rigorous project processes directly with IBM Connections. Leverage the features of Connections to source the right project team and locate expertise and knowledge.

Being able to align IBM Connections capabilities with your projects will bring a whole new level of collaboration and management to drive successful outcomes. You can:

  • Search Connections Profiles directly in the project context within ProjExec
  • Create and track Connections Activities directly from ProjExec
  • Utilise Connections Files to share project documents and information
  • Network across and within projects using Connections Communities
  • Automatic updates from Connections Blogs, Wikis, Bookmarks and Profiles feed directly to the ProjExec Project Wall

ISW has partnered with Trilog Group as an Australian reseller of ProjExec.


Wasting valuable time trying to find and coordinate with colleagues within your own company? Get a real-time overview of the people in your network by location, availability and business division - anytime, anywhere, on IBM Smartcloud, IBM Domino, Microsoft Exchange and Microsoft 365.

  • View your calendar by day, week or month
  • Filter your calendar using Groups and Search function
  • Create appointments, emails or chat instantly
  • Plan and organise your team easily with drag 'n' drop appointments

ISW have partnered with Intravision to be an Australian reseller of OnTime Group Calendar.


Make the most of every email with Crossware. Email branding and compliance made easy!

  • Control the way your brand appears on all emails on any device
  • Centrally manage your company’s email signatures
  • Create targeted advertising banners
  • Include a legal disclaimer on every email

What if you were to review all outgoing emails from your company...Take a look at the signature many variations do you see? Logos, fonts, promotional messages. Are they tailored to individuals when they should present your organisation as a unified brand?  Crossware mail signature lets you centrally manage all signature blocks so you can maximise branding effectiveness, include promotional messages and comply with any legislation on every email leaving your company. - across every device your employees may use!

  • Runs on these devices: iPhone, Android, Blackberry and any Traveler compatible device
  • Runs on these platforms: Windows, MacOS, Linux, zLinux, IBM i, Solaris, AIX

ISW can offer you a great deal on Crossware.