Forms Experience Builder

- Go Truly Paperless. Accelerate Workflow.


Go Truly Paperless

Want to be more responsive to customer needs, without calling IT?


Streamline workflows ...yourself!

IBM Forms Experience Builder software enables you to:

  • Create Forms Easily - by providing simple web design for business users to increase efficiency.
  • View and Analyse Results - You can quickly apply advanced features to monitor effectiveness.
  • Use Simple Workflow - You can add workflow stages to any Form for an intelligent, adaptive experience.
  • Create Survey and Polls - for IBM Connections v4.5
  • Add to IBM WebSphere Portal-based Web Experiences - to help you rapidly respond to customer requirements.
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Forms that anyone can build

IBM® Forms Experience Builder lets non-technical users build custom, self-service web form applications in just minutes.

Creating full-featured applications that can help improve efficiency, customer service and time to value has just got a whole lot easier. Simply compose the form within your browser and then send or publish a URL for respondents ...without help from the IT department!

ISW is leading the field with IBM Forms, having recently deployed an innovative solution for CEMEX, the world's largest cement producer. Read the Case Study here

Start Forms Ignition


Experience the benefits of IBM Forms with ISW's test track environment. We've added a sample of pre-prepared forms to get you started, including:

  • Expense Claim - A typical internal form for organisations, slashing paper administration and reporting cycles.
  • Feedback Survey - See how easy it can be to garner feedback from each and every customer.
  • ROI Calculator - Quickly ascertain the value of installing IBM Forms across your organisation, or create your own!
  • Plus More! - Access and replicate forms built by other trial users in the shared environment.

Looking for 2nd gear?

If handing over the keys to our test track isn't enough to satisfy your need for speed, you can talk to ISW at any time to take the next step:

For a small fee we'll build a dedicated Forms environment for your organisation, with as many users as you require, and fully host the lot in our secure cloud for 2 months. When it's time to head back to the showroom you'll know if you want to take IBM Forms back to the office for good!

Don't be too hasty - we strongly recommend starting the Ignition Offer first!


Simply leave a brief note of who you are and what you're after via the call button and one of our offices will be in touch with you shortly. Job done!