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IBM Tivoli Security - Tivoli Identity Manager - Tivoli Access Manager - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner
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IBM Tivoli Security - Tivoli Identity Manager - Tivoli Access Manager - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner


Tivoli Security

Manage security, risk and compliance

IBM Tivoli offers a comprehensive portfolio of software designed to make managing dynamic infrastructure easier.




Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM)

Automates the internal controls of user access management.


Tivoli Access Manager (TAM)

Simplifies user access to increase productivity and comply with security regulations.


Ask us about the other products in the Tivoli portfolio.




Tivoli Identity Manager

Tivoli Identity Manager (TIM) is a secure, automated, policy based solution that will save time, reduce error and ensure compliance across your IT resources. 

Designed to make the on-boarding and off-boarding process of staff a smooth and speedy process, TIM will help both IT and HR set up users and audit the user life cycle with ease. 



  • Significantly reduce the time it takes to on-board users
  • Timely and thorough off-boarding
  • Reduce administration costs
  • Effectively and efficiently manage user accounts
  • Easier auditing of user access – identify non-compliance
  • View who has access, when they were given access and their level of access
  • Easy to deploy



  • Request based provisioning to request and approve user access
  • Automated user role, account and access management
  • Access recertification workflows
  • Tailor the look and feel to your organisation and specific types of users
  • Integrate with your corporate portals
  • Configure policies and compliance using wizards and templates
  • 'Read only' mode for auditors




Tivoli Access Manager

Tivoli Access Manager (TAM) will let your organisation achieve that elusive goal of saving time, reducing costs and ensuring secure access through the centralised operation of single sign on. 

With the increasing number of users, applications and access points, TAM will provide secure efficiency across the board.


Benefits & Features

Single sign on capability across applications:

  • Promote end user productivity
  • Improve end user experience
  • Provide easy access to applications
  • Faster user access to information
  • Reduce password reset calls 
  • Lower help desk related costs


Security is strengthened through:

  • Stronger passwords
  • Comprehensive session management of kiosk or shared workstations
  • Access tracking of single sign on events


Comply with regulations using:

  • Centralised auditing and reporting


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