Maximo Asset Management

World's leading enterprise asset management solution

IBM’s Maximo Asset Management keeps your most critical assets and resources operating at maximum efficiency. As an IBM Platinum Business Partner, ISW is able to help you implement, manage and upgrade all aspects of your maximo environment to ensure you unlock Maximo's full value and power.


Maximo, when combined with the power of IoT data from people, sensors and devices, can provide warning signals from assets—reducing unplanned downtime and increasing operational efficiency. With this data, it also enables near real-time visibility into asset usage across multiple sites, extends the useful life of equipment, improves return on assets and defers new purchases. Watch the video below to see it in action.



Solutions across Industries

  • Asset Management
  • Transportation
  • Oil and Gas operations
  • Spatial
  • Asset heath visualisation
  • Health, Safety and Environment
  • Advanced Scheduling



  • Rapid Return on Investment
  • World class leading software platform
  • Lower Total Cost of Operation
  • Manage with confidence by having risks identified


Our Services:

  • Implementation
  • Project Management
  • Business Process Improvements
  • Upgrade Assessments
  • Infrastructure Review
  • Report Writing



  • Do you need your Maximo that aligns with your business strategy and needs?

  • What about integrating Maximo to your other system such as SCADA or the IoT.

  • Do you need in-depth asset failure management?



ISW’s Maximo Consulting Practice offers a complete set of services from:

  • Project management

  • Business process improvements

  • Upgrade assessments

  • Implementation services

  • Infrastructure review

  • Report writing



Methodology: The ISW Agile Approach

Set your business up for the future with confidence, using ISW's proven agile approach to implementation:

  1. Design Thinking Workshop
  2. Document the solution including business processes, screen changes and reporting
  3. Developmthe solution using an iterative agil approach
  4. Clint testing against the agreed business process and performance measures.
  5. End user training
  6. Production rollout and ongoing support.


Why ISW?

  • Fully documented solution
  • Engagement with stakeholders at all times
  • Rigorous testing
  • Scaled to meet the business needs
  • Best practice asset management



  • Rapid Deployment
  • Detailed and clear Return on Investment
  • Fully integrated with external systems