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IBM Cognos TM1 - IBM Business Analytics Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner
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IBM Cognos TM1 - IBM Business Analytics Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner



Focus on your finances

Cognos TM1 is for the enterprise that needs these questions answered:

• How are we doing?
• Why are we on or off track?
• What should we do to address performance gaps quickly?

With a focus on activities driven by Finance, Cognos TM1 gives an organisation access to tools that support a full range of business requirements such as high performance financial analytics and flexible modelling, as well as providing considerations for a range of users from different departments.

Did you know that Cognos TM1 can reduce planning cycles by as much as 75%? And turn reporting timelines from days to minutes?!
- IBM Business Analytics Data Sheet 2010




A full company view

  • TM1 is Cognos 10 ready, which means you can easily link your financial planning and analysis to your overall company strategy.


Adjust to a dynamic environment

  • A high performance OLAP engine is at the core so you can analyse frequently changing data.


Greater accuracy on decisions

  • Fact-based planning approach and live streamed data keep your decisions current and accurate.


Self sufficient systems and users

  • All components of TM1 are integrated in one modelling environment so users can share and abide by one set of rules within their teams.


Familiar interface - easy adoption

  • An enterprise ready, Excel based client will provide all the planning and analysis in a recognisable interface.


Consistent, automated, auditable contributions across the organisation

  • The contribution interface is intuitive and structured, blending managed workflow with analysis.


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