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IBM Web Content Manager

Give power to the content creators

Rapidly build next generation websites that will impress, engage and promote loyalty among employees and customers. IBM Web Content Management  allows any user to create content in a managed and controlled manner without the need for bothering IT. 

Features                ISW & Web Content Manager


Faster time to market for your website and content updates

  • Rich editing tools allow those who are not in IT to update content quickly and easily. 
  • Content can be published immediately or gain approval through line of business workflow.


Publish better content that is up to date

  • The power of creating and publishing content is put in the hands of the content experts who know how to present topics in a manner that will provide optimal engagement on your web site.


Optimise the web experience for your users

  • Present personalised content in an attractive manner.
  • Provide opportunities for users to engage with customer service or each other through social media tools such as blogs and communities.


Increase customer loyalty

  • Consumers today expect up to date, Web 2.0 features on business web sites. If you do not have these you are missing an opportunity.
  • When you give customers the information they need, offer them communication options and generally make their life easier you will retain their business.



  • Simple, powerful authoring tools
  • Rich text editing via embedded Ephox's EditLive! Editor
  • Reusable, out of the box components and templates
  • Social software capabilities such as blogs and wikis
  • Native support for personalisation
  • Configurable and re-useable workflow model


ISW & Web Content Manager

ISW has the skills and experience to support our clients that have adopted IBM Web Content Management. We partner with graphic design companies to develop the site design then work with our clients to implement their Web Content Management requirements and workflow. In fact, this website has been built and is maintained using Web Content Manager!


ISW is particularly able to help those customers of IBM Web Content Management to migrate from the Aptrix version to the current WebSphere version.