Do you need to reduce the complexity of your data center operations to control spiraling costs and improve infrastructure utilization? Have your initial investments in a virtualized infrastructure met expectations?


IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services - VMware server virtualization services helps you build a sound business case to justify server consolidation and virtualization initiatives that can reduce costs, increase value from your current investments and support a dynamic business infrastructure.

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Leveraging IBM server optimization expertise

You face the challenge of managing a complex server infrastructure that can respond to changing market needs while continuing to reduce your operational costs. If your existing server infrastructure isn't optimized, you need the ability to assess, plan, design and implement a dynamic virtualization infrastructure that can meet your current and future business needs.

IBM Server Optimization and Integration Services - VMware server virtualization services offer a broad range of solutions to help you evaluate and plan for a virtualized, dynamic server infrastructure that is responsive to changing business demands. Our structured approach and proven methodology are designed to help you consider existing workloads, technology options and business constraints. We provide a business plan, evaluate your current virtualization initiatives and make recommendations to help justify changes that can optimize existing server resources and help reduce operational costs. Our solution aims to help you improve availability and quality of IT services and manage risk effectively.


Helping you optimize your virtualized infrastructure

We help you evaluate and plan for a dynamic and flexible server infrastructure with a structured approach that considers your existing virtualization initiatives. We can show you how to move beyond small islands of virtualization to an integrated enterprise server infrastructure that is responsive and ready to meet changing business demands. With our extensive skills and resources, we can help you mitigate risks and complications that can arise while planning a new virtualized environment.


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