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IBM Notes & Domino

Not just e-mail...

IBM Notes and Domino is a collaboration platform for smart organisations wanting to streamline workplace productivity. Sure it includes you e-mail and calendaring functionality, but the additional capabilities available sets it apart from competitors.


ISW & IBM Notes        ISW Social Ignition for Notes 9


More efficient work

  • Access all you need within Notes. E-mail, calendars, feeds, business applications and more.
  • Control your inbox with full text search, delegation, mail filtering and sorting, conversation views and flags.


 Better collaboration

  • Integrate your social networks and applications by using widgets to keep on top of everything in your Notes window.
  • Some handy sidebar collaboration tools include instant messaging with IBM Sametime, IBM Connections features such as activities, and an overview of all your social networks with ISW's WildFire.


Application building

  • There is simply no better platform to develop and implement workflow enabled business applications.
  • Build applications for just about any business process. From Wiki's, Blogs, Libraries, and Discussion/Forum databases to business process applications such as CRM, Customer Support, Capital Expenditure Approval, Quality Management, Expense Claims, Workflow Applications, HR Processes, Project Management.
  • Check out the fully customisable Notes applications ISW have built here.


Work remotely, easily

  • Get access without a network connections and advanced replication technology will synchronize changes when you reconnect.


ISW & IBM Notes

ISW has been working with Notes since our inception in 1996. In fact a number of our Notes experts have been using the product since well before then. ISW has long been an Australian leader in the implementation and support of collaborative solutions using Notes as the platform of choice.

Our clients range from small businesses that use Notes for complete messaging and collaboration solutions through to large enterprise and government clients conducting large scale Notes migrations and enterprise support. We work with our clients to provide software architecture, software engineering, implementation and administration support, and training solutions.


ISW Social Ignition for Notes 9

For an introduction into social business tools, IBM have included IBM Connections features 'Profiles' and 'Files' with a IBM Notes 9 license! So you get these great social tools at no extra charge. But how do you install them and ensure you get the full benefits? 

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