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IBM Connections

Social software for business

Its function is to empower innovation and speed up work processes by using dynamic networks of co-workers, partners and customers.


The concept of a Social Business has been whispered around the globe for the last couple of years, however this year, 2012, the noise is getting louder. The business world has realised that success comes from employee engagement, communication and knowledge sharing. Regardless of location, role or seniority.


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Social Networking - Business Style

IBM Connections is home to a number of networking and knowledge sharing features designed to foster relationships, encourage innovation and discover expertise.


DISCOVER others Profiles                           CONNECT in Communities

    SHARE your Bookmarks                               UPDATE with a Blog

ORGANISE your Activities                         COLLABORATE on a Wiki

    UPLOAD your Files                           INFORM with work Status Updates

    IDENTIFY using Tags                                CONVERSE on the Board



Increased productivity

  • By searching Connections, employees are able to find experts, saved knowledge, peer files and bookmarks faster.


Task efficiency

  • Using existing skills and methods stored within Connections by peers, organisations can avoid reinventing processes and complete tasks in a timely and proven manner.


Maintain organisational knowledge

  • When employees leave, their knowledge can be retained in their Connections profile and contributions. Important company information will not longer leave with an employee.


Encourage and develop innovation

  • Using the collaboration tools in Connections such as Communities, Forums and Blogs, employees can draw on one anothers experience and knowledge to discuss projects and develop unique, community sources ideas.


Build relationships for business success

  • Employee roles and expertise are searchable, meaning relationships can be forged across role and geographic boundaries giving your organisation competitive advantage by leveraging innovation these relationships forge.


Attract future leaders

  • Gen Y and beyond have grown up with social media tools and are attracted to workplaces that allow them to utilise their communication skills across broad networks. They understand the tools, are quick to adapt and believe in social technology driving success.


Easy intra-organisation communication

  • Avoid e-mail blasts, make announcements with Status Updates or post a Blog with your latest news for all, or specific employees to view.


Develop a culture of inclusion and sharing

  • The tools in Connections allow sharing across your organisation to keep all, or a segment, of employees in the loop about news, projects and daily office occurances.



Home Page

A consolidated, customisable overview of your social network.



Quickly find the people you need by searching across your organisation using keywords to identify expertise, current projects, and responsibilities. You can find people based on things like the person's name, their organisation, location, reporting structure and interests. Profiles let you tap into the knowledge capital within your organisation, and makes it easy to establish new business contacts.



Collaborate on a common interest or project by exchanging and sharing information or interacting with one another via their Web browser, IBM Sametime, and email software.



Save, organise and share bookmarks; discover bookmarks that have been qualified by others with similar interests and expertise. Discover where people get their information. Often a bookmark that someone has tagged will be exactly the information that you are looking for.



Connect with people, whether they are inside or outside your enterprise. Blogs give each person in the organisation a voice. Share your unique perspective and expertise — and solicit feedback — without worrying about filling up everyone's inbox!



Organise your work, plan next steps, and invite members of your professional networks to help execute your everyday deliverables, faster.



A convenient way to share documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and other types of files with people without the need to send large files through e-mail.



Wikis make it easier for you and your teams to collaboratively share and edit. Create wikis that are stand alone or associated with a community for others to edit, add content or comment upon.


ISW & Connections

ISW is the leading IBM Partner for Connections in Australia. We specialise in a full service implementation of Connections, including initial consultation, development, customisation, training and support. You will benefit from our varied experience of use cases across multiple industries, deep understanding of the business value that can be achieved from Connections and our cross certification allowing us to offer IBM integration options from all IBM software brands.


ISW Ignition for Connections

Ignition for Connections is a full featured, 60 day proof of concept offer from ISW. Learn more...


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