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QMS-Xpress - Quality Management - ISW Software
  • Scott Leis
  • Scott Leis

QMS-Xpress - Quality Management - ISW Software



Everything you need for quality management

QMS-Xpress will ensure your organisation maintains compliance across company based and legislative policies.


3 Modules to QMS-Xpress

Document Management     Audits & Scheduling     Training Management



Document Management is a flexible structure for publishing, reviewing and approving important documents such as Quality Manuals, Procedures and Quality Plans. 

Document Management has four categories:
1. Controlled Documents – A reference and access library for approved and final documents
2. Document Management – Tracks new documents, approvals, changes and document withdrawals. Also integrates with ISW’s Workflow-Xpress for easy workflow management.
3. Document Archive – Keeps a copy of all out of date or early edit documents in case they need to be called upon in the future.
4. External Documents – Is where you store the collection of templates and uncontrolled documents, ready for customising or instant use.


  • Multi-level security access and electronic signatures
  • Automatic generation of document history and archiving
  • Administrator defined approval workflow





Audits & Scheduling lets Quality Managers define the schedule for auditing documents and policy compliance, automating distribution to the appropriate person for actioning, while ensuring policies and work methods are updated as required.


  • Integrated reporting and management of non-conformance records, hazards and accidents
  • Track Corrective Actions to ensure requests turn into actions





Training Management is a planning database for an employee’s development. You can schedule and manage training events, and keep track of skill maintenance and staff development to ensure compliance with occupational policy.


  • Display course descriptions, costs and associated skill profiles
  • Staff attendance request and approval through workflow engine
  • Staff performance and goals can be set and monitored for individuals or roles
  • Automated or manual skill updating