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Stay up to date in all your social networks


The ever increasing number of social networks has penetrated our everyday lives like nothing before. Keeping track of what is happening in each of these networks only becomes more complicated as our networks grow. ISW WildFire - Social Sharing Application


How many social networks are you a part of? Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn? What about Wordpress or Tumblr? And at work, you might use IBM Connections and Sametime? There are a myriad of social networks out there. How do you keep them all up to date yourself and stay up to date with others?


WildFire is an IBM Notes Sidebar Application that allows you to update multiple communities in one go! 


  • Add all of your social networks to WildFire.
  • Select specific networks to update or send to all of them in one go.
  • Group your networks or sort them by type i.e Personal and Work.
  • View your status feeds from all your networks in a single interface.
  • Set time intervals to receive updated network statuses.





Did we mention WildFire is a FREE application?

Download it now from openntf.org and join the thousands who are spreading their status like WildFire!