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Address-IT Pro - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner
  • Scott Leis
  • Scott Leis

Address-IT Pro - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner


Address-IT Pro

Bulk address sorting and matching

Process databases of addresses in bulk. Correct and match your addresses against the PAF (Postal Address File) to allocate the DPID (Delivery Point Identifier) for the barcoding of mail. Address-IT Pro - ISW address management


Limited disruption to get better address management

  • Automated matching of your address database against the Australia Post PAF.
  • Real-time editing of address information via an ODBC data source.
  • Keep your current mailing lists. Data files can be processed from text files, CSV, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, dBase and Paradox.


Easier and cheaper bulk mail

  • Easy to mail merge directly with Microsoft Office.
  • Correct and consistent address formatting.
  • Simple to generate mailing manifests with automated Australia Post lodgement requirements.
  • Discounted postage rates from Australia Post with bar-coded mail.
  • Reduce expensive and time consuming return to sender mail by allocating correct addresses.


"The tool is easy to use, we export files from our billing system, use Address-IT Pro to match and apply the DPID's and these files are then uploaded into our billing system to allow the barcode to be generated into all print files. The whole process, including regular updates, is most efficient." 

- Wendy Harris, Aurora Energy


Six steps of Address-IT Pro

  1. Get Data.  Input user data is identified and typically imported into an Address-IT Pro file.
  2. Find Duplicates. Duplicate address entries can be found and optionally deleted.
  3. Processing. Address fields are identified and the automated matching against the PAF is done.
  4. Data Repair. A search tool assists with the manual correction of unmatched addresses.
  5. Export. Exported addresses to a file format that can be used for a mail-merge.
  6. Mail Merge. Automated set up of a mail-merge using the exported Address-IT Pro file. Requires Microsoft Word.




Address-IT Pro is licensed per-user or per-enterprise on an annual basis. The licence includes quarterly updates to the PAF, as well as any updates made to the software itself. The licence also includes unlimited telephone and email support for the duration of the licence.


Address-IT Pro is offered at a very competitive price.

Contact us today for a quote.


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