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Address-IT Letter - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner
  • Scott Leis
  • Scott Leis

Address-IT Letter - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software - ISW - Australian IBM Premier Business Partner


Address-IT Letter

Simple address entry and matching system

Address-IT Letter is your most basic address management tool that allows you to save time on address entry, ensure data is accurate and bar-code your mail for postage discounts with Australia Post. Address-IT Letter - ISW address management software


Quick and accurate

  • No need to fully enter the data manually. Address-IT Letter will pick up the address as you type.
  • A 'bottom up' address entry method let's you search partial data to find your address. 
  • Accurate matches are guaranteed through the PAF (Australia Post Postal Address File).


Reduce errors in address entry

  • Missing information or misspelt addresses can be identified and corrected through the PAF.


Save on costs

  • Eliminate stamps. Postal barcodes or DPIDs (Delivery Point Identifiers) are automatically allocated to addresses.
  • Australia Post offers discount postage on all bar-coded items. So the more you send, the more you save. 



Two search functions - Quick or Advanced.

  • Quick search uses a 'bottom up' approach. Start searching by typing address components such as postcode or locality, before getting to specifics like house numbers.
  • Advanced search finds more problematics addresses. Search for individual components using wildcards for incomplete addresses. You can also search for building/property names i.e a school or hospital.



  • Return your found addresses to any of your application windows.
  • Easy-to-use layout wizard lets you select specific address details to return.
  • Define multiple layouts for different applications or windows within applications.


Other great features

  • Included 4-State Barcode font allows you to print barcoded mail from any application that supports TrueType fonts.
  • Capture of title, given name & family name with autocomplete, as well as capture of organisation name.
  • Quickly accessible from an icon in the Windows system tray or by using a hotkey, a key shortcut available no matter what application is in use at the time.
  • Integrated into Microsoft Word with a macro installed by default.
  • Windows 2000 and XP compatible.





Address-IT Letter is licensed per-user or per-enterprise on an annual basis. The licence includes quarterly updates to the PAF, as well as any updates made to the software itself. The licence also includes unlimited telephone and email support for the duration of the licence.


Address-IT Letter is offered at a very competitive price. 

Contact us today for a quote.


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