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Address-IT API - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software
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  • Scott Leis

Address-IT API - Australia Post Approved - ISW Software


Address-IT API

Make Address-IT work best for you

The Address-IT API is the AMAS engine for all of ISW's address management products. Integrate the API with your new or existing custom application where you require key address management tools. Address-IT API - ISW address management software



AMAS approved Address Matching

  • Process addresses one at a time, returning all 21 individual PAF address components
  • Return warning/error information for each address (also called reporting)
  • Stitch the 21 address components into a correctly formatted address
  • Customise an output address by expanding abbreviations and/or generating mixed or uppercase address lines
  • Encode a DPID into a barcode string
  • Return the PreSort zone for any postcode
  • Generate a summary report on all addresses processed during a session, detailing matched/unmatched totals, reasons for non-matches etc


PAF Browsing

  • Query the PAF, searching for exact or partial string matches of records in a table, or retrieve all records in a table
  • Cycle through recordsets one record at a time extracting required information for any address
  • Use existing recordsets to narrow and speed up subsequent queries
  • Access any information provided as part of the Australia Post PAF


Supported Platforms

- Windows ( Win95, Win98, WinME, NT4, 2000, XP )
     Provided as a non-ActiveX DLL. 
     Sample code for C/C++, Visual Basic, Java and LotusScript. 

- Unix ( Linux, Solaris, AIX, BSD )
     Provided as static or dynamic library. 
     Sample code for C/C++. 

- IBM iSeries - AS/400 ( OS/400 V5R1 or above )
     Provided as a service program. 
     Sample code for C/C++, COBOL and RPG.

- MacOS X 
     Provided as a static library. 
     Sample code for C/C++.





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