IBM offers a choice of robust, open infrastructure as a service (IaaS). Use self-service IaaS or our fully managed IaaS to deploy and scale virtual and dedicated bare-metal infrastructure, develop applications and run your production-ready workloads.

ISW can make it happen.


Managed Cloud Services

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is a fully managed, highly secure IaaS cloud optimised for critical enterprise workloads. SmartCloud Enterprise+ offers SLAs with 99.9% virtual server uptime and many advantages of a private cloud—such as options for dedicated servers and storage—while providing flexible scaling and the benefits of cloud economics.


For production workloads, dev/test and new opportunities

IBM SmartCloud Enterprise+ is specifically designed for running critical enterprise workloads (including Oracle and SAP applications), as well as managed enterprise-grade cloud infrastructure for critical web, mobile and social applications, dev and test, industry-specific solutions (electronics and transportation) and data centre transformation.

Not all workloads are meant to run on commodity-based, share-everything infrastructure. With SmartCloud Enterprise+ you can confidently reap the benefits of cloud with: