Time to rethink Domino


Time to rethink Domino

Posted 17 Nov 2017

Secure a free assessment of your Domino environment, valued at $5400 before November 30!  Know ALL your options for the future of Domino

Migrating business applications from IBM Domino to Sharepoint, Salesforce or any other platform can be complex, time consuming, expensive and disruptive. These projects can be hard to justify since they typically deliver little or no additional business value. 

Is there another way?

What if there was a way to maintain the capability and functionality of your Domino applications yet remove them from your environment? - And all without any disruption to your users?


Imagine if you could:

  • Better manage and maintain your Domino applications, either on your premises or in the cloud.
  • Modernise your applications with open-source and mobile-friendly interfaces.
  • Seamlessly integrate these applications with Microsoft Office 365, Google Docs and others.
  • Simplify and reduce the cost of your Domino ongoing licensing.
  • Migrate your Domino environment to a low cost, “As-a-Service” pricing model.


To find out more about this free assessment offer, make sure you apply before November 30!