Connections Ignition


Connections Ignition

Posted 14 Sep 2016

Our highly popular Ignition program offer is back! IBM Connections has now ruled the enterprise social business world for seven years, and come a long way since we last ran Ignition in 2012. With the exponential growth in need for enterprise collaboration and our entrance into New Zealand, the best trial and implementation offer has been reborn.

Accelerate your business with IBM Connections

ISW is a recognised leader in IBM Connections implementation, development, customisation, education, and support. ISW Ignition for IBM Connections is a full featured proof of concept program for the leading social software for business platform in the market.

Social software for business is improving how organisations across the globe work and communicate. ISW are excited by the benefits our clients are already receiving from integrating IBM Connections into their workplace.

We understand that engaging in a new business process such as social software is often met with significant organisational barriers and stresses:
• Lack of infrastructure or servers to host a proof of concept
• Limited resources available to support a proof of concept
• Poorly configured trial servers that lead to dissatisfied users
• High costs and delays in getting approvals to perform a proof of concept
• Potentially steep learning curves associated with Connections administration
• Lack of materials and resources for a proper evaluation
• Evaluations that never quite ignite, because you don’t have the time to get a demo installed

ISW has come up with a way to eliminate these barriers and accelerate the process of social software implementation.


What's on Offer?

Social software for business has come a long way over the past few years and has become an integral part of many organisations across the globe.
So if you haven’t started yet, Ignition for Connections will get you caught up. The Ignition program gives you access to a feature complete Connections
environment for 60 days, configured and hosted by ISW.

For the period of your Ignition you can get:

• Immediate administration training to manage user access to your Connections environment
• End user training session (2 per month) to cover the basics of Connections
• Dedicated support from Connections experts
• Access to training videos and personal one on one briefings for Executives
• A path to integration of Connections into your enterprise (either hosted or on premise) once the proof of concept is completed and you’ve purchased your licenses.
• Free access to ISW’s Kudos Suite (

For more information, download the brochure for full offer details (see panel to the right), check out our infographic or register for a breakfast event here!


Start your engine!

To get started today all you need to do is contact ISW and schedule your Ignition! We will meet with you and answer any questions you might have to make
sure you are accelerating your proof of concept faster than Lewis Hamilton!