IBM Connect 2013

27 - 31 January 2013
Orlando, Florida

In 2013 IBM are joining our beloved Lotusphere with their Connect conference and making them one. Welcome to Connect 2013!

From IBM:

Why the name change? The conference has a new name to reflect an expanded focus, the broader IBM social business story. The technical content for which Lotusphere is known is still predominately featured through hundreds of deep dive technology enablement sessions for all technical roles and in fact, is called the Lotusphere program within IBM Connect.


IBM Connect 2013. Familiar, yet with a whole new twist. What many of you have looked forward to for the past nineteen years and what many of you will look forward to for at least the next nineteen ---- Lotusphere with a new name that reflects the broader story of IBM's market leadership in the social business arena.


ISW are heading over, are you?

As we have for quite a few years now, a group from ISW will be making the trip over to Florida to learn about the next phase in IBM's collaboration technology. Time and time again we find this an invaluable experience. We take away so much knowledge and inspiration from this event and bring it back to Australia for our clients to benefit.


At next years event ISW plan to participate in an even greater capacity than ever before...Watch this space for more details.


If you are interested in going along to Connect 2013, check out the website. We'd love to see you there!