ISW Presents at GSummit 2012


ISW Presents at GSummit 2012

12 - 13 November 2012

GSummit brings together top experts in gamification, engagement & loyalty for two days in November. ISW's Adam Brown is a featured speaker.

GSummit is the premier international gamification event led by Gabe Zichermann and the Team. Over the past 2 years, GSummit has been a sell out event in San Francisco, New York City and again this past June in San Francisco. Over 1400 attendees and more than 700 unique organizations have engaged with GSummit, with a tremendous rate of repeat attendees.


Why Attend?

This is the year that gamification becomes a business strategy. From seeing the excitement and exponential increase of involvement from the front lines, it is apparent that the biggest, best, and most innovative companies are adopting game mechanics. Gartner Group forecasts that Gamification will be used by 70% of the Global 2000 by 2015, spending over $2Bn on related products, services and technologies according to M2 Research.


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Adam Brown, ISW Executive Director - Featured Speaker

Adam and his team are the creators of Kudos Badges and Kudos Thanks for IBM Connections, a flexible gamification and peer to peer recognition engine. Adam sums up his work like this: There is nothing quite as simple as saying “Thank You” to provide some recognition of great work. Think about it for a moment…when somebody thanks you for your great idea, or for putting in that extra work to meet a deadline, or maybe for just being a good team mate, it makes you feel great and more motivated to stay engaged. That is why ISW built Kudos and are continuing to work with clients to identify how business can provide recognition and feedback to their users to improve morale and productivity, and encourage user adoption of social software and new ways of working.