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Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 1.3
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Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 1.3


Kudos Badges for IBM Connections 1.3

By Adam Brown on 10 Apr 2012

The team at ISW has been working hard on the latest release of Kudos Badges, Version 1.3! Since Lotusphere we have had our clients provide plenty of feedback and ideas on how to leverage Kudos Badges to encourage user adoption of IBM Connections and these ideas have been added to our development cycle for the products.

Here is some of the new features and capabilities in our latest release:

Kudos Leaderboard

Our new Leader Boards are Context Aware and feature Time Based Ranks to be more relevant and competitive.

  • The Context Aware Kudos Leaderboards display the ranks relative to the person logged in. This lets the user see his immediate competition with the option of navigating through the ranks.
  • Time Based Ranks on the Leader Boards can now be filtered based on Time enabling new and existing users to start afresh and to always keep the competition alive. By Default the time intervals are set to 30 days, 180 days, 365 days and All-Time but they can be changed to suit your environmen. 
  • Leader Boards in the Communities are now based on Content and Members in the Community! The Ranks in a Community therefore reflect the actual contribution from the members to the Community’s content.


Kudos Profile Progress Widget

Encourage your users to get started in Connections! - The Profile Progress Widget displays a progress bar indicating a Profile’s maturity level and gives users ideas to improve it based on what the Profile is lacking. This can include content items such as Contact Information, Tags, Background, and Photo's, as well as Actions the user should take such as join a community, create a blog post, tag another user etc! This widget uses existing Kudos Metrics to measure in real-time the level of completion of a Profile. What makes this feature really powerful is that it is completely configurable allowing you to fine tune it to your environment and what you would like your users to do!

Multilingual Support

Kudos Badges now has the option of defining and editing Badges in all the languages supported by Connections 3.0.1 with full character support. This capability is clearly required for global organisations that utilise IBM Connections across multiple languages. The great thing about how this works is that it is on a per user basis so the users can choose which language they want Kudos Badges to display in, exactly the same way as IBM Connections does!

Kudos Filters

Easier More Powerful Configuration of Badges and Ranks - In addition to Kudos Metrics we now have Kudos Filters. Filters can be used on Base Metrics to narrow down the search criteria with the use of Parameters. This makes the configuration of Badges and Ranks much more powerful. You can create Metrics and Filters for every single action that someone can take in IBM Connections, as well as Actions that other users take on another users Content!

Improved Kudos Awards Engine

The Kudos Engine responsible for awarding the Badges is now enhanced for performance and scalability. This enables even the largest IBM Connections implementations to utilise Kudos Badges as well as allowing you to award users more frequently for better feedback to the users.



We have already started working on Kudos Badges 1.4 with some exciting new capabilities and if you have any ideas on how Kudos Badges can help to further improve user adoption of IBM Connections we would love to hear from you.

If you would like an update on Kudos Badges please Contact Us or one of our various Partners around the world.